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ROM update for 2650 switch J4899C

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ROM update for 2650 switch J4899C



i am trying to update my rom verion from H.08.05 to H.08.98 but when i try the copy command or download os in the menu system i get wrong file 


any advice?


thank you 



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Re: ROM update for 2650 switch J4899C



H.08.98 is not a Boot ROM version it is a FW version.

This particular FW version is used as intermediate update when you  want to update from FW H.07.31, H.07.32 or H.07.40 to H.08.100 or later.


As you already have FW H.10.108 then you already should have the latest boot ROM version. What you are trying to do is a downgrade that the switch obviously doesnt allow, because the older releases are not recognized.


With this switch it is not possible to update only the boot ROM. The boot ROM is automaticaly updated when the FW is updated.



Emil /HPN