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RSTP Ring Settings


RSTP Ring Settings

As per a prevous post I created an OE Ring in our datacentre core with a 6400 and 3 3400's with 10GB links. I enabled RSTP and allowed it to choose the port to block on the ring. However it appears that RSTP may be recalculating and is dropping network connections. I then changed the default cost on the currently blocked link from 2000 to 2001 and changed the priority from 8 to 9. I am assuming this should prevent it from changing the topology every time it recalculates. I still want this link to be checked (in case of a link failure) but I was hoping the recalcuation would be more transparant to the endusers. Are there any more tweaks I can use?

Re: RSTP Ring Settings

both the 3400s and the 6400s support procurve meshing, if you were to use this all links would be in use at the same time using the shortest routes, if you lost one of the links in the ring it would go switch as a stack of switches.

set the port type to mesh and your away.