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Re: 5308xl and STP

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Re: 5308xl and STP

If STP disabled,the switch (5308xl) does not participate in creating the STP-tree but does not prevent to propagating BPDUs for other switches through their ports(as for usuall frame Layer 2).I want to do so:the port must filter and drop BPDUs on separate port. We us such configuration in SSR-2000(Enterasys):
stp filter-bpdu et.2.3
What can I do whith 5372xl ?
We need to do local STP-trees for the separate big nets where evry net have own "root switch" and connect to the 5372xl.
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Re: Re: 5308xl and STP

Why not use PVSPT (Per VLAN Spanning Tree)?

With PVSPT you can use different STP trees for different VLANs, solving your problem.