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Recommended software version for HP Switches

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Recommended software version for HP Switches

Switch Model       SW Version

 HP 2920-48G    WB.16.02.0012

 HP 2524             F.05.72

HP 2530-24G       YB.15.16.0006

 HP 2530-24G       YA.15.12.0007

 HP 2620-48G        RA.15.15.0008

HP 2530-24G        YB.16.02.0012

HP 2530-48G         YA.15.17.0009

HP 2524                   F.05.50

HP 2530-48G          YA.15.17.0009

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Re: Recommended software version for HP Switches

What is your question?

I guess...are you trying to understand what software version(s) listed Switches should be updated to?

Mmmm...simple answer: latest for each considered Software Branch (if current and active).

If you have Switches (and you have) that are running on old Software Branches (15.12, 15.15 as examples)...update to latest Software Branch supported by related Switch using the latest Software Version published for that particular Software Branch.

Read (I repeat: Read) and understand what Release Notes reports about each Software Version you're updating to before doing any update attempt.