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Redundancy Core Switches Using Procurve 2848

David Idle
Occasional Visitor

Redundancy Core Switches Using Procurve 2848


I have just implemented a core/edge switch environment (my first) using the Procurve 2848 as the core and 4 x Procurve 2650 PWR for the edge, pending the implementation of VoIP.

I now wish to setup a secondard Procurve 2848 at the core for redundancy, is this possible and could anyone help with any suggestion of the best method.


cenk sasmaztin
Honored Contributor

Re: Redundancy Core Switches Using Procurve 2848

hi David

implement core two swith on network for redundancy very good way but my advice you can use core switch provision asic switch for example 3500,5400
because you can vvrp configuration(virtual router redundancy protocol )with provision asic switch
if master core switch and default gateway down on network running quickly second switch active on netwrok for switching and routing operation

if you have now 2848 switches you can only switchign redundancy two core switch without routing

each edge switch must be connect with two uplink port each core switch


Jarret Workman
Frequent Advisor

Re: Redundancy Core Switches Using Procurve 2848

Hi Dave,

Cenk is correct that VRRP would be needed to truly provide router redundancy.

You could provide redundant links using trunking and/or spanning-tree, but this would just safeguard against link failure. In the case of your master/primary router failing, VRRP would be needed in order to provide failover to a secondary router.

The ProCurve 3500/5400 series provides this functionality with the addition of a Premium Edge license.