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Redundant Setup of Procurve 2810 with Watchguard Firewalls

Costas Violaris
Occasional Visitor

Redundant Setup of Procurve 2810 with Watchguard Firewalls

We have 2 Watchguard Firewalls setup with Firecluster.

We need to implement also redundancy on the 2 Procurve 2810 switches.

Switches have 1 VLAN with 8-ports (port 17-24) which is used for the DMZ zone.

The rest of the Port Switches 1-16 are used for the Trusted Network.

On these 2 switches we will connect Servers that have dual nic's. Nic 1 goes to Switch 1 and Nic 2 goes to Switch 2.

Can you please tell me what is the recomended configuration and how the network cables be connected?
a) For the switches. Do I need to enable RSTP? Stacking? Trunk between 2 switches or Even the BladeCenter that we have?
b) For the Servers with Dual nics. How the server nics must be configured? Load Balancing or Failover? what are the plus and cons?
c) Is there anything that we need to configure on the Firewall? Watchguard Firecluster is configured as Active/Passive.