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Remote Management - Port Lockdown Management

mal thompson
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Remote Management - Port Lockdown Management

We are designing a lock down which requires our HP Procurve switches to be managed from a central NOC.

Part of the requirement is to delegate the management of switch ports to help desk staff. In particular we will be locking down each port to the workstations MAC address.

At the console we can type:
port-security 1 learn-mode static
port-security 1 mac-address hxhxhx-hxhxhx
(let me know if there is an abreviated version)
..however as the front end would be a web page (where the help desk staff select the location, switch and port and type in the MAC address) I don't want to be pushing a series of telnet commands out on clicking Ok on the page.

The positioning of the box and switches are on a secure path so open text transmission such as telnet or snmp is not a major issue although I'd be interested in an encrypted authentication if it exists.

To start the ball rolling I thought we'd just snmp write to the procurve switches however any MIBs offered by HP don't appear to support a port OID which can have the MAC address written to for the lock down.

I looked at the ProCurve Managager and Advanced version however these don't appear to meet the above need.

Anyone had the same problem or have any suggestions?