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Removing Old Module Configuration from 8212

Joe Cleary
Occasional Contributor

Removing Old Module Configuration from 8212

I have a new network I'm building out. I have a couple of 8212Zl's in the core running VRRP. My 2 part question is pretty simple. I do most of my config from the CLI, (I'm an old Cisco guy) and i was wondering why VLAN's don’t show in numerical order in the config, for example I had VLAN 10 and 12 in my initial config, I added VLAN 11 after, but it’s at the bottom of my config and not between 10 and 11. Is there a way to fix that? Also, during my initial config i had some modules in different VLAN'S but I moved those modules to different slots, (For better cable management). Is there a way to clean up the config so i don’t see the old slots still in the config? Example, one of my VLAN’S shows port J4 untagged, But there isn’t a module in slot J anymore. I'm looking for a way to clean that up.
Make sense to anyone?

Mohammed Faiz
Honored Contributor

Re: Removing Old Module Configuration from 8212


I'm afraid there isn't an answer to your first question (other than a manual rebuild of the config where you add the VLANs in order). It's something that annoys a lot of people.
On the plus side I believe in the latest update you can use the "show run vlan X" command which is fairly useful.
As for your second question, I've not come across that before. I'm assuming that the phantom references are still there following a reboot?
Gerhard Roets
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Removing Old Module Configuration from 8212

Hi Joe

The vlans are shown in the order you create them. As stated before the only way to clear that up is adding them in the order you want them.

Secondly for the modules to remove the old info you can use ( I am assuimung you are running a recent software version) from config mode off course.
no module # where # is a number A=1,B=2 and so forth.