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Replace ZL5406

Brian Bickers
Occasional Contributor

Replace ZL5406

Hello Everyone,

I currently have a ZL5406 as my core switch. While it has been a good device, I need something with more options, primarily policy-based routing. Plus, I don't really need the PoE in the Data Center, as I have 2650s out in the wiring closets. We are moving office locations towards the end of the year, so I have an opportunity to get a more suitable switch in the core.

So what would you all recommend for a non-PoE core switch that will support roughly 350 users, 100 servers, and 15 mbps of Internet bandwidth? Policy-based routing, at least (8) gbic connectors, and gigabit speeds are mandatory. Any and all advice is appreciated. Thanks!
Bruce Campbell_3
Valued Contributor

Re: Replace ZL5406

The Procurve switches don't do
policy based routing, so you will
likely need to look at Cisco or
someone else.

I can recommend the Cisco 3750G-12S
which has comparable layer 2/3 features
as the Procurve zl series, plus it
has policy based routing (route maps).
We have successfully used route maps on
the 3750 to set the next hop based on
source address. If you need something
more advanced, you'll need to investigate
more deeply.

Bruce Campbell
Director, Network Services
Information Systems and Technology
MC 1018
(519)888-4567 x38323
University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON
Kevin Richter_1
Valued Contributor

Re: Replace ZL5406

I can correct one part of the previous post. ProCurve DOES offer a product that supports Policy Based Routing or PBR. Here is a link to the routing chapter on the 7000dl series routers which support PBR and a variety of WAN links. http://ftp.hp.com/pub/networking/software/SR7000dl-Adv-C15-Adv_Routing-Nov2006.pdf

The 7000dl's don't have the mini-GBICs and gig links you were requesting, but all it might take is a gig aggregator paired with the 7000dl. The 4200vl will give you the port density and gig links you've requested (without PoE) while leaving the routing to the 7000dl.

Another option for a Data Center specific is switch is the 6600 series. No PoE. Plenty of L2 & L3 bandwidth. Airflow designed for Data Center deployments. Redundant power supplies. You'd still need to pair these with a 7000dl to get the WAN links and PBR, but the 6600's could carry the bulk of the routing load.

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