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Reseting Switch Password

Christopher Fields
Occasional Contributor

Reseting Switch Password

Hi, I have a batch of HP Procurve HP2824, HP2650 and HP2626 switches. When these were installed a password was set on them and typically not noted down. I have now come onto the team and need to access the switches. I have read in the user manuals that I can press and hold the 'Clear' button for 1 sec to disable the password.

My question is, I need to be sure that pressing the 'Clear' button on its own for 1 sec is not going to reset the entire settings for the switch, or cause downtime for my users. I know a combination of the 'clear' and 'reset' buttons will restore the switch to its factory settings. But hopefully the 'clear' on its own will just reset the password.

Can someone confirm before I do something that leads to a new job! Thanks.
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Reseting Switch Password

Hi Christopher,

yes, the clear button will do nothing else than removing the password. No impact on the network connections.


Ingentive Networks GmbH
Christopher Fields
Occasional Contributor

Re: Reseting Switch Password

Thanks, Michael. I've just tried one and all seems ok. Thanks again.
Jeff Carrell
Honored Contributor

Re: Reseting Switch Password

quick comment...there is a config setting that can affect a switch reset when the clear button is pressed...

this setting default is to NOT reset the switch on clear, but it is an option, and of course you do not know if the switch is configured for this until you press the clear button...

so, i would recommend you schedule an outage window of time -or- if you must press the clear during normal working hours, to let everyone know that the network could have a slight disruption....or beg forgiveness if it does occur :-)