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Resetting "Learn Mode" on ProCurve Switches

Chris Jay
Occasional Visitor

Resetting "Learn Mode" on ProCurve Switches

I have a number of ProCurve switches however they're remembering old MAC addresses when I switch them from Continous to Static, how do I reset this so they re-learn what is actually attached?

Cheers, Chris.
Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: Resetting "Learn Mode" on ProCurve Switches


The Continous mode is the default, but when the static-learn option enabled, you authorize specific devices for the port, while still allowing the port to accept other,non-specified devices until the port reaches the configured address limit (if you configured).

So what you need is to let the switch age-out previous MAC-addresses.
if you configured the address limit, then lower the address-limit first by one number and remove the specific MAC address, so it can;t be learned any more.

Good Luck !!!
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