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Routing on HP ProCurve Switch 5308XL

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Occasional Contributor

Routing on HP ProCurve Switch 5308XL

Someone Help me pls!

I have 3 vlans in a 5308xl switch:

vlan 1:
vlan 2:
vlan 3:

- All Servers are on VLAN 1
- ISA Firewall is on VLAN 3: Internet interface is

I have routing enable (rip v1) and is working between the vlans. The hosts in each vlan can comunicate with Serves & the other vlans.

To access the internet, i created a static route: IP Route on the Switch.

My Problems is that:
1. All hosts can reach the Internal interface of ISA Firewall - when this Interface has gateway:

But this cause problem to Firewall, because
can not set more than 1 gateway for FW.

2. If i remove the gateway of the Internal Interface, the Firewall is ok.

But problem is that: all hosts can not reach this Firewall.

So, how can i setup for hosts access Internet?

Thanks in advance for your help

Thanks & Best regards,

James Nguyen
Manuel Wolfshant
Trusted Contributor

Re: Routing on HP ProCurve Switch 5308XL

I am not familiar with ISA Firewall, but standard routing rules say that:
- ISA should have as gateway the IP of the router between ISA and internet
- the switch should have as gateway the internal IP (the one facing the LAN) of ISA
- a router (the HP?) should be able to forward the packets between any pair of VLANs.
I suggest reading http://www.hp.com/rnd/support/config_examples/5300xl_portbase.pdf
Sergej Gurenko
Trusted Contributor

Re: Routing on HP ProCurve Switch 5308XL

You need to add routes to the ISA server. Looks like ISA do not know about VALN1 and VLAN2 subnets.

Under windows you can use this commands:

route add mask [router_ip] -p
route add mask [router_ip] -p

Do not forget that ISA is a firewall, and some troubleshooting methods just not suitable (e.g. ICMP ping can be disabled by default)
Les Ligetfalvy
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Routing on HP ProCurve Switch 5308XL

ISA can have issues with what is called a network-behind-network if the ISA shares a subnet with clients. The ISA server should be on its own subnet, not shared with any clients. This is sometimes referred to as a stub subnet. All other subnets should forward to this stub as the gateway of last resort.

The ISA server needs a static route to the 5308 since ISA's default gateway must be on its external (internet facing) NIC.

See http://www.isaserver.org/img/upl/Image29161094811945968.gif
Occasional Contributor

Re: Routing on HP ProCurve Switch 5308XL

Thanks Everyone!

Jame Nguyen
Matt Hobbs
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Re: Routing on HP ProCurve Switch 5308XL

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Sergej Gurenko
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Re: Routing on HP ProCurve Switch 5308XL

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