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Routing with HP2824 question

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Per Larsson
Occasional Advisor

Routing with HP2824 question


I have a question about routing and balancing with a HP 2824.

If you have 10 100 Mbit/s connections from your ISP.
Is it posible to route them to a single LAN? And how do you balance the connections?

Look at my simple image.
Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: Routing with HP2824 question


The 2800 switch has a basic L3 IP Routing, and i don;t think you can do this.
If you can trunk these links, then you will be having load balancing for sure, but you can consider it a trunk since you have to configure it from the ISP side as well as your side.

If your ISP Internet connections are Ehternet, then you need a Router with Policy based routing to load balance between these connections.

Good Luck !!!
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