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Hie guys

I have a WAN setup with two LANs joined using Cisco 1600 and 1700 routers. I can ping PCs in LAN A from LAN B. Likewise I can ping PCs in LAN B from LAN A.

I have one server in LAN A that runs on Sco Unix. If i try to ping it from LAN B, i get request timeouts. However i can ping any machine,in LAN A and LAN B,from this server.

Can anyone please help.

Shaikh Imran
Honored Contributor

Re: Routing

If i understood you question correctly,
you will have to add a default route of LANB router on this server.
Since you are talking about Unix
what is the flavour of unix you have ?
viz, sun,ibm,hpux,linux,sco..,etc
on HPUX the command to add a default route is
route add default 1
this will add the default route to
the LANB
To permanently add this route you have to edit a file called as /ect/rc.config.d/netconf and add this over there.
you can view the routing table by netstat command.

see the man pages of route, route add , netstat for more details.
If you have a system admin for that unix server pls ask him to do so.

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Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: Routing

IF the server can ping any address on LAN A or B and get a reply then it is not a routing issue. (The replies have to use the same routing to get back as the initial requests from the other end.) Instead look for a filter (access list) or a reluctance on the sco to reply to ICMP. Can you ping it from LAN A?

Are you using IP addresses or names to ping? Could it be a DNS or Hostfile issue.

On the routers you can verify that the ping is passing through them.

debug ip icmp
term mon (if using telnet)

turn it off with
no debug all
term no mon

You can also create an extended access list which logs all ICMP traffic.