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SFP+ 10GBASE-SR connection to Dell M6220

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Hans Duedal
Occasional Visitor

SFP+ 10GBASE-SR connection to Dell M6220

I am trying to connect two Dell M6220 blade switches to a HP 2910al via SFP+ over SR fiber (50/125 um OM3 fiber from Tyco).

I ordered the SFP+ module for the 2910al (J9008A), two modules for the Dell switches (one each) and 4 x Dell SFP+ SR LC-LC transceivers.

If setting up the connection between the two M6220's it works just fine, but when I plug the Dell transceiver into the HP switch there is no-link up.

I am guessing it might be because the HP switch refused to work with the Dell Transceivers ? There is no event log notice of incompatibility.

In an attempt to correct the issue I ordered a HP transceiver (J9150A). I'm waiting for the part, and have not tried it yet.

Have anyone tried connecting HP switches to Dell via SFP+, or know of issues using non-HP brand SFP+ transceivers? Do you think it will work with the HP transceiver?

I found some references in this forum, but none deal with this specific case.
rick jones
Honored Contributor

Re: SFP+ 10GBASE-SR connection to Dell M6220

If you are indeed using optical transceivers in the switches, then no switch has any idea about what transceivers are in any other switch. Switches only know about the directly connected (plugged-in) transceivers.

Now, as for the transceivers themselves. The J9008A is (if I recall correctly) simply an expansion module. I don't see you mentioning having bought any HP ProCurve transceivers. The HP ProCurve switches will not accept non-HP ProCurve transceivers.

So, if you have tried to use the Dell SFP+ transceivers with the HP 2910al, that would be your problem. You need to obtain HP ProCurve transceivers and use those. It seems as though you have already thought of that :) I suspect you will find that once you use the J9150A in the ProCurve 2910 that you will then be able to establish a connection between the 2910 and the Dell switch.
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Hans Duedal
Occasional Visitor

Re: SFP+ 10GBASE-SR connection to Dell M6220

Thank you for the reply.

I received the HP transceiver (J9150A) today and it worked perfectly.

Lesson learned; you can't plug a Dell transceiver in a ProCurve switch and expect it to work. Although there is a MSA (Multi Source Agreement) for SFP transceivers, in practice HP switches do not accept non-HP transceivers. :)
Hans Duedal
Occasional Visitor

Re: SFP+ 10GBASE-SR connection to Dell M6220

"Only original HP transceivers work with HP switches"