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SFP Connected to Cisco Switch

SFP Connected to Cisco Switch

I m trying to connect HP SFP on Hp switches and at the other end cisco SFP on cisco switches,the link between them is not coming up.What are the chances that i have to check??????

I m pretty sure the fiber cable is working fine with other switches,

what command i have to apply to make the link up,i have made the port enable but still the link is not coming up.

Re: SFP Connected to Cisco Switch


First of all, make sure that both interfaces are enabled.
On Procurve use the "enable" command; on Cisco "no shutdown" command.
Second make sure that you cross the fibers.

Check if spanning-tree bpdu-protection is enabled on Procurve. If so, disable bpdu-protection for this specific interface.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,
Justin Birkhofer
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Re: SFP Connected to Cisco Switch

Make sure each device detects the interface present. I.e. When you put a module in a Cisco (or HP), you can tell the type of module and if it is recognized. Ensure both ends are recognized/compatible and enabled....

In additon to everything posted, you need to also match media types.

I.e. If the Cisco is using something like 1000-BASE-LX, you cannot use 1000-BASE-SX.

SX to SX based tranceivers
LX to LX
LH to LH

Use the proper patch cable 62.5/125 or 50/125 are most typical for multimode, but do not mix & match.

You must have the same speed on both ends. I.e. 100-BASE-SX will NOT link to 1000-BASE-SX.

Sometimes, you need to flip a cable because the send/receive are reversed. ;-)

Either way, the connection should come up on both ends. Of course, never touch the glass of a transceiver and never touch the ends of a fiber cable because you want them to be optically perfect.
Justin Birkhofer
Occasional Visitor

Re: SFP Connected to Cisco Switch

I almost forgot. If one switch is a smaller fixed configureation switch (that does not need a push cart to lug around), I would carry it over with a short patch cable and check the switches right next to one another, so it is easy to correct any problems.

The modern HP stuff all has the LC fiber connector on it (Cisco Too). Older Cisco stuff will have the full-size GBIC, which are typically have the SC connectors. Your LIU most likely has ST (bayonet tist-lock style) connectors.

If you have two modern HP/Cisco switches, an LC to LC cable should work to test connectivity. If you have an older Cisco, you many need an LC to SC.

Either way, double-check your connector types and always have a few spares (incase you break one)