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SFP ports on hp 1910, 2530 and 5130

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SFP ports on hp 1910, 2530 and 5130


Allow me to tell a bit more about myself. I am working as a network administrator and we have hundreds of hp products such as screens, keyboards, switches, mice, computers, printers, etc. In june another school is going to merge with our school. What the situation basically will be is one network connecting two buildings. Because the buildings are located more than 100 m utp will not be an option. Therefore we opt for fiber.

We have 2 hp 1910 (je009a) switches that are serving as core. We have no ports available. I saw that the switches have 4 sfp ready ports available. Will I gain 4 extra ports by connection this 4 sfp ports? Or will I lose some ports that are now in use? 

Does anyone can tell me what type of receiver (type number, …) I have to buy in order to connect the switches together?

We also going to buy 2 new switches type 2530 or 5130 to connect the two buildings. Does anyone can tell me what I need for this (type receiver (type number), …)

I really appreciate any help I can get.

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Re: SFP ports on hp 1910, 2530 and 5130

The 1910, JE009A, doesn't have any combo ports, so all ports can be used at the same time. Here is a link to the available transceivers for it: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/products/networking-switches/product-detail.html?oid=4177649#!tab=oas. Choose Transceivers from the dropdown box.


If the distances are short, you can use the GigT transceiver and then a Cat5, 6, or 6a cable. If the distances are further, you will have to look at the Gig SX or LX with fiber cables. Just make sure the technology is the same on both sides.


The 1910 and 5130 are comware based devices and the 2530 is a provision based devices. Here are a couple of links to docs that describe the transceivers availble for each device.


Comware: http://h20565.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=emr_na-c03014410
ProVison: http://h20564.www2.hp.com/portal/site/hpsc/public/kb/docDisplay/?docId=emr_na-c02605446


As a word of caution, there are a lot of counterfeit and non-HP transceivers out there that are not supported and may not work. Please use a reputable reseller.

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Re: SFP ports on hp 1910, 2530 and 5130

The HP 1910-48G Switch (JE009A) has 48 RJ45 ports and 4 SFP ports, when inserting SFP's in those ports you expand the number of ports and you will not loose any of the 48 RJ45 ports. Same goes for the 2530 and 5130. Keep in mind that the switches with "dual personality" ports consisting of a combined RJ45 and SFP port you can't use both at the same time.


Datasheet 1910 on the last page you will find the accessories. As you stated the distance between buildings is over 100m and you want to go with fiber:

HP X120 1G SFP LC SX Transceiver (JD118B)

HP X120 1G SFP LC LX Transceiver (JD119B)

All depending on what distance you need and budget (LX is good for 10KM but more expensive)


The 2530 and 5130 come in different flavors, but if you want to connect them over fiber to the 1910's you will need the same sort of transceiver on both sides (SX or LX) both have a 1G capacity.


Datasheet 5130 series, on the last page you will find the accessories.

HP X120 1G SFP LC SX Transceiver (JD118B)

HP X120 1G SFP LC LX Transceiver (JD119B)


Datasheet 2530 series, on the last page you will find the accessories.

HP X121 1G SFP LC SX Transceiver (J4858C)

HP X121 1G SFP LC LX Transceiver (J4859C)


Depending on if you choose SX or LX you will need Multi-, or Single-Mode fibercable.


If you have the need for higher speeds than 1G between buildings you could consider SPF+ that runs at 10G, but the 1910's do not support SFP+ and you would need to change your network core. The price for 10G SFP+ will hurt your budget more..


I hope this helps a bit.



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Re: SFP ports on hp 1910, 2530 and 5130


Thanks for all the replys. Are the sfp modules at the bottom of the datasheet for 1910 series also compatible with the 1910 type j009a?