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SLB and Procurve 2824's

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SLB and Procurve 2824's

I have a group of servers that are connected to two stacked Procurve 2824 switches. The servers network interfaces are configured with SLB with balancing on IP address.

On the switches spanning-tree is disabled and so is LACP and any other trunking protocol.

The servers adapters are connected two both switches. NIC1 in Procurve1 and NIC2 in Procurve2.

I understand from the documentation, that if I would want use SLB, I would have to configure the ports on the switch in a trunk too. Now I can't seem to make trunks cross-switch. Is there any way to make this possible? This way I should be able to benefit from double bandwith and switch redundancy.

Or am I making a huge mistake here. I have been having very strange connection problems to my domain controllers.

Thanks for helping!
Jason Sikes
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Re: SLB and Procurve 2824's

Does anyone have anything for this? I have an identical situation I'm trying to solve. Thanks.