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SNMP: CPU usage on ProCurve 5406zl

Frans-Jan van Steenbeek
Occasional Contributor

SNMP: CPU usage on ProCurve 5406zl

Hi all,

When I use SNMP to read out the CPU usage on our 5406zl's, some of our switches consistently report "1". Normally, that's a good thing, but I don't buy it.

Example output:
STATISTICS-MIB::hpSwitchCpuStat.0 = INTEGER: 1

Our other switches report varying results, normally between 3 and 15 percent. All switches are in the same spanning tree. One of the switches reports 1 most of the time with spikes to "normal" levels. The configuration of the switches are where possible identical ('snmp-server community "switch" Operator' among other things). Other SNMP-values seem to be correct.

Anyone any idea what this might be?

Re: SNMP: CPU usage on ProCurve 5406zl

This behavior should be normal and OK.

On my 5412 its similar.

In older Firmwere Versions of 54xx the load was permanently around 20%

But now it is only high if there is a reason for it.

Go to cli, type "sh sys" . Your will see values beween 0 and 5 % too.