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SNMP OIDs for HP Procurve 2650 Switch

Vincent Aniello_1
Occasional Visitor

SNMP OIDs for HP Procurve 2650 Switch

I would like to monitor the error rates for the ports on my HP Procurve 2650 switch via SNMP. I would like to monitor the following counters:

Alignment Rx
Runts Rx
Giants Rx
Total Rx Errors
Drops Tx
Late Colln Tx
Excessive Colln
Deferred Tx

Does any one know the SNMP OIDs for these statistics?

I've looked through the MIB files provided by HP for the Procurve 2650 switch and have not been able to find this info.

I know that the switch tracks this info because it is displayed by the 'show interface' command.

Jeff Brownell
Valued Contributor

Re: SNMP OIDs for HP Procurve 2650 Switch

as you are probably aware, procurve MIBs are at: http://www.hp.com/rnd/software/MIBs.htm

If you are not finding what you need specifically, then maybe:

1)RMON MIB OIDs: etherStatsEntry (
A collection of statistics kept for a particular Ethernet interface. As an example, an instance of the
etherStatsPkts object might be named etherStatsPkts.1

OR dot3StatsEntry:
Statistics for a particular interface to an
ethernet-like medium.

Hope that helps