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SNMP Trap Event examples

Andreas Preininger
Occasional Visitor

SNMP Trap Event examples

Hello reader

I have read the HP documentation and found out that there are some types of SNMP traps:


But what I want to know is, what is e.g. a critical trap?
Please provide me with some examples of all possible event types, that I know what type I should configure.


Re: SNMP Trap Event examples

An example of this is a 'link down', 'interface down' with out notice. For example SNMP trap may notify the network management station that an interface has gone down. This is critical in situations such as on Core switches/routers etc. Usually a critical trap is only really defined on a management server as are other event types. A 'trap' in general is when an certain event causes an 'agent' to send the trap information to be analysed by a management station.