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SNMP and hpsystem MIBS

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SNMP and hpsystem MIBS

I have many Procurve 2524 switchs, some 4000 and 5308xl switches.

What I would like to do is send an snmp tftp command to have there current config send to a storage location.

I have the oids from the hp mib files, but can not get them to work.

Note: I think the hpSystem mibs/oids sub-branch are not on these switches.

eg: I can't walk
HP ProCurve Switch 2524# walkmib iso.
No such variable: iso.

Yet a one level back works
walkmib iso.
... results ...

Is there something that needs to be enabled, or is there a different set of OIDs I can use to tell the switch to tftp a config.
Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: SNMP and hpsystem MIBS

I don't think it's possible to do this on ProCurve switches.

What you can do instead though, is enable and disable the TFTP server on the switch:

5308# walkmib
hpSwitchIpTftpMode.0 = 1 - indicates disabled hpSwitchIpTftpMode.0 = 2 -
indicates enabled

Below are some example linux commands to achieve this:

# snmpset -v2c -c public . i 2 #
tftp> get startup-config
tftp> quit
# snmpset -v2c -c public . i 1

For the 4000M I believe you need to get 'browse' instead of the startup-config.
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Re: SNMP and hpsystem MIBS

Thanks, that works well.

I will play and test a bit more, but it worked form my 2524.

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Re: SNMP and hpsystem MIBS

thanks again.

Just been playing and the tftp is restricted to the IP Managers (which is good).

Also the 4000, you need to get config

Gary Yates
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Re: SNMP and hpsystem MIBS

I use the following software to accomplish this and much more.


My favorite feature is the email notification on config changes.

Occasional Advisor

Re: SNMP and hpsystem MIBS

I need to do it as a module in a bigger collection of tools. We have other non HP Equipment and systems that I need to talk to as well.

eg: When I get snmp traps, or an snmp oid value (relative to a prev. value) is outside a threshold, it will submit a job to our Job Tracking system for a tech to look at.

So when all is working, my techs should just look at there job list and the problems will be listed. A bit more proactive then just waiting until someone tells me its broken, then go looking for the problem.

So, back to task at hand... This was just so I could auto d/l config images as part of the bigger picture.

Thanks again for the help and advice.

Re: SNMP and hpsystem MIBS

Does anyone recommend a particular tutorial for learning SNMP?
Occasional Advisor

Re: SNMP and hpsystem MIBS

Good Question. I learnt the hard way and are still learning.

Some notes (feel free to correct me anyone)

SNMP - Simple Network Management Protocol
In short its a way to send a command to a device and for device to take some action.

Two Key Sides - Read and Write
Read -> Send a command, Receive a value (or group of values)
Write -> Send a command, that either sets a value to start a process.

What are the Commands ?
These are a group of decimal seperated numbers called OIDs. Vendors define these in text form called MIBs.

The are some generic OIDs for base informaion and thats a good place to start.

The hardest thing I have found is "what can it do and what OIDs do I use to do it?"

To help here, you need a MIB Builder (to compile the MIBs into OIDs).

If you have all your MIBs loaded into an snmp system, then to a walk of .1 this will list every value that can be read (or at least what you can currently see). Since the MIBs are loaded you should get text descriptions of the values.

Play, Play then Play some more. Linuc has the cli tools snmpset, snmpget and snmpwalk these are a good place to start.

Feel free to ask any questions.
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Re: SNMP and hpsystem MIBS

Is it possible to get some info regarding sflow configuration on hp procurve 2524 switches..
Occasional Visitor

Re: SNMP and hpsystem MIBS

In the past, I've used this SNMP Tutorial:


Sounds like the introduction you were looking for.

Frequent Advisor

Re: SNMP and hpsystem MIBS

regarding sFlow config on Procurve switches see pdf at: http://www.plixer.com/products/scrutinizer_activate-netflow.php