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SNMP from a member-switch

Henrik Edegard
Occasional Visitor

SNMP from a member-switch

I have the scenario that 2 switches are stacked, one master, and and member, the master has an ip assigned, but the member does not.

And now i want to get information from the member switch by SNMP, HP indicates in some FAQ:s that the member switch automaticly joins the master´s community, but mine does not.

any information on how to solve this without assigning the member an ip address
Preston Gallwas
Valued Contributor

Re: SNMP from a member-switch

I had to deal with a similar issue earlier last summer. I spoke with an HP support agent on the phone and as I understood it from him, it must have an IP to send its own SNMP.


Regnar Bang Lyngsø_2
Frequent Advisor

Re: SNMP from a member-switch

Not using the stacking functionality, but you are right according to the manual the following should work:

1. Assign SNMP community name 'mysecret' to master switch. Default is 'public' AFAIR.

2. Check the status of your stack using 'show stack view'

3. To access an OID variable on memberswitch 1 (using net-snmp package - syntax might be different on you favourite platforms):

'snmpget -v2c -c mysecret@sw1 '