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SNTP problem with 53xxxl


SNTP problem with 53xxxl

Hi Guys

we have a problem with HP ProCurve 53xxxl. With configured SNTP server and attitude western Europe (GMT +1) the switch exact shows an hour not enough.

The value is also an hour not enough at attitude (GM +0) and (GMT-1).
FW is E_07_40.swi. Attitude's SNTP server is "unicast" and poll interval by default.

The switch gets the correct time (see Eventlog).

somebody has an idea what could help us.

Thanks, Klaus
Esteemed Contributor

Re: SNTP problem with 53xxxl

Hi Klaus,

What is exactly the problem, you state that the switchs shows the correct time but not enough? And there is no eventlog attached.

Kind regards,


Re: SNTP problem with 53xxxl


here is an exact case:
time is now GMT 3.00 pm (for example)

on 53xxxl# show times:
GMT 2.00 pm

(eventlog displays 3.00 pm; (from SNTP-Server))

kind greetings