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SSH Public Key is not set in PCM.

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SSH Public Key is not set in PCM.

I had a failure on the PNM server and had to reinstall.

I have Device access set for SSH version 2 with SSH Auth as Key.

Now when I scan my switches I get the following error.

Starting scan...
Failure: SSH Public Key is not set in PCM. SecureCopy requires manager access to the device. < (>
Scan complete.

Can anyone point me in the right direction for how to resolve this or some usefull documentation.

PCM Version B.02.322 across a variety of switches (2600,3400cl, 5406zl)


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Re: SSH Public Key is not set in PCM.

please check global device access setings

must be marked ssh in global device access page and must be marked ssh ver 2

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Re: SSH Public Key is not set in PCM.

I have set under Procurve Manager.

From the menu:

Tools--> Pops up preferences screen.

The Global->Device Access->CLI

CLI Configuration:
Mode: SSH
SSH Version: SSH2
SSH Authentication: Key
SSH Port: 22

The screen for Global->Device Access
only show the following sections

Port Names.
Device Display Name.
Substitution Codes.
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Re: SSH Public Key is not set in PCM.

Because I had to re-install PCM, it had to have a new key generated, I believe this may be the root of the problem, but how to solve it.
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Re: SSH Public Key is not set in PCM.

You can find some documentation @ http://cdn.procurve.com/training/Manuals/PCM-AdminGuide59908850-0208.pdf. Check chapter 6 "Rules for Configuring Device Access with PCM" in there.

Usually, the following steps are performed to setup the SSH communication
1) Generate Key in PCM ( Global Preferences > Device Access > SSH Key )
2) Copy the key file ( will be created under server\config directory, by the name procurveSSH2.pub ) to the switch via tftp. Confirm it has been correctly copied by doing a "show cryto client-public key"
3) Generate key in the switch ("crypto key generate ssh....")
4) Copy the key from switch (do a "show crypto host-public-key fingerprint" and copy it ) and set it in PCM for the device via Device Manager>"Communication parameters in PCM" and pasting the key in the textbox.
5) Now do a "Test communication paramters" on the device using Device Manager feature to make sure the communication parameters have been successfully set.

Check out by applying the above steps and then attempting a Scan.

Hope that helps