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Re: STP Configuration Between Cisco and HP

Occasional Advisor

STP Configuration Between Cisco and HP


We are in a process where we have to connect the HP Switches to the Cisco Switches in the network.
Currently root of Spanning Tree Protocol is running on Cisco and mode is Rapid perVLAN Spanning Tree Protocol+. Now as per our recent studies, we have figured out that the HP Switches does not support/interoperate with Cisco RPVSTP+ Mode. Now we have number of options to overcome this issue.

1. Downgrade from PVRSTP+ to MSTP or RSTP to comply with HP.
2. Switch off the spanning tree on HP Switches as well as on VLANs on Cisco those will be extended to HP Switches.

The question is does anyone has experience where both Vendors are running together with the setup which I have currently running i.e. Cisco PVRSTP+ as Primary Root? If yes than if possible configuraiton can be shared?

Thanks in advance

Mansoor Hafeez
Respected Contributor