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SYSLOG sttings at hp2848 (J4904A)

Christoph Trepper
Occasional Visitor

SYSLOG sttings at hp2848 (J4904A)

Hi there!

We're running 3 2848switches.
I want the switches to send their syslog messages to our syslog server.
My problem:
how can I configure the switch to send all syslog messages to the server? or the other way 'round: how can I have the switch send all facilities to the server. user-facility is not enough.
I couldn't find a way to set the debug level from 'event' to 'all' either.

any ideas?

thank you!
Les Ligetfalvy
Esteemed Contributor

Re: SYSLOG sttings at hp2848 (J4904A)

Telnet to the switch and in config mode, enter the command:

where the IP is you syslog server

Show debug

will give you the facility which you can change.