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San Switch 4/16 Radius With Server 2008 NAP

Philip Teale

San Switch 4/16 Radius With Server 2008 NAP


We currently use the IAS component of Server 2003 to allow RADIUS authentication to our San Switches and this works great. (Once I had figured out the Vendor-Specific Attribute!).

We are now in the process of retiring our Server 2003 servers and implementing Server 2008. IAS no longer exists in Server 2008 and has been replaced with Network Access Protection (NAP), but it still offers RADIUS authentication. The problem is, although I have configured the Network Access Policy in NAP to be the same as the Remote Access Policy in IAS, my switches will no longer authenticate via RADIUS.

I have enabled logging on the Server 2008 machine but the logs are very detailed and I can find no information on interpreting them. I will supply them if necessary however.

Our San Switches are running Fabric OS 5.1.d.

I hope that someone has had some experience configuring NAP to allow RADIUS authentication and that they will be able to offer some advice.