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Searching Power supplies for Compaq SW3324

Thomas Wehner
Occasional Visitor

Searching Power supplies for Compaq SW3324

Dear all,

i need some information where i can get power supplies for the Compaq switch SW3324 with 2 GBit Modules.
Because the power supplies from my switches are damaged and there are no warranty.

The Modelnummer where NN2301.
Is this possible to get some power supplies for that switches?

Please help.
Many Thanks.

Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: Searching Power supplies for Compaq SW3324

The only switch power supply that they have on the HP site is for a SW5425. It's part number is 387417-001. No idea if that would work or what it would cost.


There is a company in the UK which might be able to help.


Also there was a whole switch on German ebay recently for Euro 299. Looks like a sale and not an auction so they may have more.