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Serial consol server

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Serial consol server

i would like to be connected to a router/switch by console port remotely.

Currently, to be connected by consol port on a router i need to be near of it and connect the db9 port of my pc on the rj54 console port on the router.
I looking for a device which let me do this by remote, a 'server' with several serial port which can be reach by telnet or ssh.

I saw th hp 'SCS1600' but i'm not sure it's the correct device.

Thank you

Jack Howes
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Re: Serial consol server

The SCS1600 can be used for this purpose. We use them successfully to connect to HP and CISCO network console devices as well as to older systems that use Serial consoles as management ports. The SCS1600 supports both Telnet and SSH. Though it needs to be noted different devices require different adapters which are listed in the SCS console user's guide appendix.