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Server Team

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Server Team

Hi Everyone,

Just getting into procurve switches, question about server teaming.
Do I need to setup anything on a Procurve 5308 switch to support teaming, or just set it up on the server and the switch will figure it out ?.

-Thanks for the reply.
Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: Server Team

I would recommend you configure static trunks.

If you wish though, you can leave the switch on its default settings and if the server supports LACP trunking it will dynamically create trunks as required.
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Re: Server Team

Hi Gabe,
The answer to your question is "it depends on the teaming mode (or team type)".

For HP Teaming:
1. NFT, TLB, and Automatic don't require any switch configuration except for what you normally do for "host" ports.

2. SLB requires static port trunks.

3. 802.3ad requires LACP to be enabled on the switch.

4. Dynamic Dual Channel requires LACP (same as 802.3ad).

5. Static Dual Channel requires two static port trunk groups on the switch.

For a complete run down, please see the following whitepaper I wrote.

Specifically, see the chart labeled "Figure 3-5 How to choose the best team type to use" on page 18. Also, once you choose the team type, look at the specific sections that pertain to your team type to understand how that team type works.