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Setting Up VLAN's on the HP procurve 2650

Paul Wike
Occasional Visitor

Setting Up VLAN's on the HP procurve 2650


Please can someone help me with the following

I need to set up 2 VLAN's on the HP Procurve 2650
It's going to have the switch partitioned into 2 VLANS, one for Voice Over IP, and one for Data.

Please can someone advise on what i need to do

Thanks in advance

Paul Wike

Re: Setting Up VLAN's on the HP procurve 2650

hello paul,

I recommend to leave the default vlan 1 as management vlan. then in the configuration context type eg:

vlan 10

which moves you to the vlan context of vlan 10. then with eg:

untagged 10-20

you add ports 10 to 20 into this vlan. so you need to add ports either tagged or untagged depending on which traffic they should carry.

after you added ports you can configure the ip address and network configuration of this particular switch in this vlan. the address configuration does not take efect without configured ports. uplinks need to be tagged ports in a vlan.

so asuming port 50 is your uplink and you have two port ranges your config might look like

configure terminal
vlan 10
untagged 10-20
tagged 50
ip address
vlan 20
untagged 21-30
tagged 50
ip address
ip default gw

so remember that the switch does not automatically route between vlans. so if you need external voip handling you need to concern the routing.

the ip defualt gateway of the switch refers to the management IP address of the switch and does not reflect a default route.

if you work only on one switch you of course dont need default gateway and uplink.

hope this helps in the first place.

best regards