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Setting Up VLAN with 2 HP 2524 Switches?

Geoff Parsons_1
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Setting Up VLAN with 2 HP 2524 Switches?


I am trying to set up a VLAN with 2 2524 Procurve switches. Yet for some reason I am unable to communicate to each other switch...

Here is the setup:

- I have 5 ports assigned on switch A to Test1_VLAN with ID of 9

- switch B I have 5 ports assigned to Test2_VLAN with ID of 9.

- All ports are set as untagged

- I am trying to ping one computer connected to a port on the VLAN on Switch A with another computer connected to a port on Switch B which is also part of the VLAN

- the VLAN is on its own subnet different from the rest of the network

- current network is 192.168.2
- VLAN is on 192.168.3

- The Vlan can ping other computers connected to any of the assigned 5 ports on the same switch but not to the other switch containing the same VLAN?

Basically what I am trying to do is assign 5 ports on Switch A and 5 Ports on switch B located in different buidling to the same VLAN that is segregated from the existing network and creates its own network with its own subnet avoiding our firewall??

Any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated?????
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Re: Setting Up VLAN with 2 HP 2524 Switches?


I know very little on switches but yesterday we had to replace 2 hubs with switches and we could not understand why the 2 switches could not talk to each other.
We then used a cross-patched( or cross-over ) cable to connect the switches rather than an ordinary network cable. This worked for us..

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Re: Setting Up VLAN with 2 HP 2524 Switches?

Hi Geoff,

The connection between these two switches carrys more than one IP net. So please set the inter switch connection as tagged (which now will contain the VLAN information). You will found more information about that in the "Management and Configuration Guide" (http://www.hp.com/rnd/support/manuals/23xx_25xx.htm) on page 9-50 ff.