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Hello all,

I realize there are hundreds of threads out, and many have some information relevant to what im attempting to accomplish

I'm entry level IT but working to expand my knowledge, im currently working on my CISCO certs but my workplace is using HP's up till now ive been prevented from having access to our equipment as it was handled 3rd party, there is one additional IT guy in my Dept, who does have some experience on HP's, but also resistant to teaching me.
Now We are going full in house and we are upgrading our equipment. We have purchased multiple 2810 48g Procurves as well as a few 2520 24port POE's, however I am still trying to grasp the CLI for HP. I was hoping someone would be able to assist me in the general setup with the CLI.

We are configuring these switches with a static IP and login password, plus encryption on the telnet(any suggestions as to increasing the security would be helpful)

We will also be placing a bandwidth limitation on multiple ports and probably use mac filtering as well.

One additional configuration we are looking to do is allow telnet for remote disabling and enabling of specific ports as we need them.

I thank you all in advance for whatever help you can provide me, i am anxious to learn more beyond what Ive learned with CISCO

Jeff Carrell
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Re: Setup-assistance

This CLI reference guide will not only assist you mapping what Cisco commands you may know into ProVision CLI, but it has a wealth of basic config info it!!

HP Networking and Cisco CLI Reference Guide


can also go here: http://h10144.www1.hp.com/library/whitepapers.aspx

goto the Interoperability section to find the paper :-)

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Re: Setup-assistance

Thank You for those reference those will come in very good help, ill be flipping through that CLI guide this weekend for sure, once i can get a good outline of how i need these switches i will hopefully be good to go. Thanks again, and if anyone has suggestions on approaching my configs, ill definitely appreciate it.. Thanks, again that does surely help :)