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Slave ROM Tombstone

Slave ROM Tombstone

Hi all,

today I found these "strange" messages on a Procurve 2900 log:

W 14/09/09 04:15:35 00374 chassis: Slot A Slave ROM Tombstone: 0x13000601
W 14/09/09 04:15:35 00374 chassis: Exp Slot: Lost Communications detected -
Heart Beat Lost(01)
I 14/09/09 04:15:42 00375 chassis: Slot A Downloading
I 14/09/09 04:15:44 00376 chassis: Slot A Download Complete
W 14/09/09 05:55:45 00374 chassis: Exp Slot Failed to boot-timeout-(AGENT_FAILED
I 14/09/09 05:55:51 00375 chassis: Slot A Downloading
I 14/09/09 05:55:52 00376 chassis: Slot A Download Complete
W 14/09/09 05:56:01 00274 chassis: Slot C Software exception in ISR at interrupt
-> ECC int. stat 57, syn caba, addr 1820, dataH
I 14/09/09 05:56:02 00422 chassis: Slot A Ready

What do they mean? Is it a hardware failure ?
Switch seems to work properly.

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Re: Slave ROM Tombstone

Please can you tell me what are the devices connected to ports on this module(the exact name if laptops or desktops)

And also can you mention what is the firmware version running on the switch.

do you have ports that are not working on the switch?

try to upgrade your firmware to the latest version and see if that fixes the issue>


Re: Slave ROM Tombstone


this is a Procurve 2900-24g (J9049A) with firmware revision T.13.45

Slot A is related to "ProCurve J9049A yl X2/CX4 10-GbE Module" and nothing is connected to that module.

After a power-cycle the module seems to work... let's wait some day and see what will happen.

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Re: Slave ROM Tombstone

Hello Marco,

This can be a hardware failure, but it can also be a software bug.

Call ProCurve support and sent them the "show tech all" of the switch.

They probably will ask you to upgrade to latest firmware T.13.71.

In T.13.62 is a bug fixed which caused tombstone error.

Good luck,