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Slot NCI error HP J4819A

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Slot NCI error HP J4819A

Hi everybody,

we are expecting several problems with our Core switch. It is a ProCurve 5308xl (J4819A) on software revision E.11.10, ROM E.05.05.

Sporadic some error message is logged that sounds like this "Slot E NCI Error IntReg=0x4000" "Lost communication with Slot E". After this all Ports from Slot E will be set to "offline" (including the trunks) and the Slot rebooting itself.

We already tried to change the chassis but still get this error and the breakdowns.

The following features are activated on the switch:
- Spanning Tree
- Flow Control on all ports
- IGMP-Filtering

These are the used modules in the switch:
4x J4907A XL Gig-T/GBIC module
2x J4878B XL mini-GBIC module

Attached to this post you'll find the show tech output.
Any ideas how to solve this issue? Thanks in advance for your help.