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Re: Slow collector recommendation

Frequent Advisor

Slow collector recommendation

Hi all,

I am looking to purchase an SFLOW collector that will pool SFLOW traffic from my switches.

2x 2910al
1x 3500

I want to have the ability to bill my users for their internet usage only (no LAN traffic).

My users are on DHCP so tracking by IP might be a bit difficult.

Does anybody on this forum have an SFLOW collector they would like to recommend that works well with HP.

Thanks the recommendations.

Re: Slow collector recommendation

There is a fairly complete list of sFlow collectors at

sFlow gives you visibility into layer 2 and layer 3, so you could bill by user MAC address, filtering traffic to only include non-local IP addresses (non LAN traffic). You should look for these capabilities when you select an sFlow analyzer.

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