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Small Failover Scenario

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Denis Caratella
Occasional Visitor

Small Failover Scenario

Good morning everybody,

I have a question to a failover scenario with 3 x ProCurve 2900 Switches.
I want to have 2 switches that communicate with each other, when 1 of the 3 switches fail.

I attached a plan, which shows, how I want to implement the switches.

Do I have to configure something or do I only need to link them like shown in the attachement?

Is there mybe a better solution with other switches?

Thank you for your help!

Respected Contributor

Re: Small Failover Scenario

you have to activate spanning tree otherwise you would have loop.

on telnet
switch# conf
switch(conf)# spanning tree
switch(conf)#wr mem

thats all
cenk sasmaztin
Honored Contributor

Re: Small Failover Scenario

hi Denis

you can trunk configuration each switch connection for more bandwith

and enable spaning tree protocol on all switch

spaning tree protocol loop prevent and L2 redundancy protocol

please look attachmend

Denis Caratella
Occasional Visitor

Re: Small Failover Scenario

Thank you for your suggestions.
They will help me a lot.

I have another question to this scenario:
Can I configure the trunks and spanning tree over the Personality Ports?

Denis Caratella
Occasional Visitor

Re: Small Failover Scenario

Hi guys,

thanks for your help again.

I will cascade the switches over the 10 Gbit modules in the backplane.

So if one switch fails, the communication will run further on 2 switches.
Only the clients which are not redundant patched on the switches can't communicate.

I've attached the "cascading plan", to help hopefully other people too.

So if one Switch

Denis Caratella
Occasional Visitor

Re: Small Failover Scenario

Cascading the switches over the Spaning-Tree-Protocol