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Snmp Error

Occasional Contributor

Snmp Error


I get a “Bad Value Error” when I m trying to enable rate-limit(the value 2) on a port on HP J4905A ProCurve Switch 3400cl as well as HP J4850A ProCurve Switch 5304XL through SNMP using a mib browser. But I am able to disable the rate-limit,(the value 1). Through CLI, I am able to enable and set a value.
The error is given as below
Error: Bad value
Error index: 1
1: hpSwitchRateLimitPortControlMode.9 (integer) rateLimitPerPortOnly(2)
Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: Snmp Error

I can see the same problem... I'm not exactly sure how it's meant to work though.

If I go through the CLI and use the command:

5304(eth-A1)# rate-limit all 40

It will successfully change hpSwitchRateLimitPortControlMode to rateLimitPerPortOnly(2)

It will also add another entry hpSwitchRateLimitPortSingleControlPrct.1 = 40.

If I then go through SNMP and SET hpSwitchRateLimitPortControlMode to disabled(1) it allows me, but then as soon as I try to go back to (2) it says Bad Value.

If I try and SET hpSwitchRateLimitPortSingleControlPrct.1 = 50, it allows me, but trying to SET hpSwitchRateLimitPortControlMode to 2, it still fails.

Maybe there is some other value that needs to be set beforehand before this new value will be accepted? I'm not sure.

If it is very important that you be able to do this I would recommend you open a new case with HP and reference this post.