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Software exception at woodyDma_recv.c:155 at Procurve 2524

Jorge Fabian Mancilla F
Occasional Contributor

Software exception at woodyDma_recv.c:155 at Procurve 2524


I have a problem with a Procurve 2524. Output:

System went down: 01/01/90 00:14:49
Saved crash information:
Software exception at woodyDma_recv.c:155 -- in 'tDevPollRx', task ID = 0xdf86b8
-> DMA unrecoverable error

My configuration was Procurve 2524 + Transceiver 100/1000-T. The odd thing is that a have an HP NC7170 Dual Port installed on a Proliant ML370 (Gigabyte Ports) and connected to the switch. When I have connected both ports of these NIC on the switch and I boot the server from zero; at the time of startup (when you see the BIOS messages)the switch reboot itself, and send the message listed above.

Nothing has been changed on the Server or the Switch since 3 months ago.

I changed the 2524, but not the Trasceiver, and the same error. I have only 2 options:

The Transceiver is damaged, or the NC7170 is damaged.

Does anyone has been experimented the same situacion?

Any help is welcome!

Thanks to all.
Jeff Brownell
Valued Contributor

Re: Software exception at woodyDma_recv.c:155 at Procurve 2524

Which code rev are you at? I looked back to F.05.31 and see a few crashes addressed. If you are further than this rev back, lpease update and monitor the problem. If it reocurrs at the latest (F.05.34) then gather the crash data and open a case with procurve support.