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Some questions on 2610 and 5400

Occasional Advisor

Some questions on 2610 and 5400

Hi Everyone,
I'm having a procurve switch 2610 and 5400. When I issue command "snmp-server enable trap" on the 5400, I could see arp-protect, auth-server-fail, dhcp-snooping, port-security, etc. But when I issue the same command, I'm seeing authentication, link-change, etc.

May I know what is the difference in SNMP trap between the 2 switches? I mean, since both the switches support arp-protect, why is there a different in trap?

What is the recommended broadcast storm control on 2610, and what is the default value? I can't find the value in the manual.

Last question. On my Cat 4506, I have vlan 8,9,10. On the procurve, i have the same vlan setting as well. Is there anyway to enable ProCurve switches to interoperate with Cisco's rapid-PVST? Is it as simple as just issuing "span" on the procurve switches?

Re: Some questions on 2610 and 5400

Hi Jaguar,

On the 2610, the default broadcast-limit is zero (disabled). As far as a recommendation, some broadcast traffic is normal within a network, so it would really depend on what "normal" network traffic looks like within your environment.

Rapid-PVST is Cisco proprietary. The ProCurve equipment uses STP, RSTP, MSTP depending on the switch. Rapid-PVST is RSTP-like, but the two may not work well together. I believe some of the newer Cat OS's support industry standard spanning-tree implementations, so if possible, you might consider updating the OS on the Cat 4506 and implement RSTP or MSTP.

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