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Something mystical with J4905A ProCurve Switch (3400cl-24G)

Vasilij K. Savin
Occasional Visitor

Something mystical with J4905A ProCurve Switch (3400cl-24G)

Recently we had a short-time power fault in our building. In spite of our switches are powered via UPS, few systems (with UPSes as well) lost connections due to a 3400cl switch reboot. Also this switch lost time synchronization for a while.
The magic is that another exactly the same switch (located in another room) was working normally. All firmwares (M.10.20) are up to date.
I never see it before. Any ideas?

Event log fragment:
M 02/21/07 14:41:54 sys: 'Software exception in ISR at sysLib.c:905'
I 01/01/90 00:00:10 system: --------------------------------------------------
I 01/01/90 00:00:10 system: System went down: 02/21/07 14:41:54
I 01/01/90 00:00:10 system: Software exception in ISR at sysLib.c:905
Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: Something mystical with J4905A ProCurve Switch (3400cl-24G)

The switch definitely crashed with what looks to be a software issue. By the sounds of it, it would be difficult to trigger and is probably not likely to happen again. (Unless you have another power fault and the same conditions occur which lead to the crash)

If it does happen again I'd recommend you contact HP Support and open a case directly.