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Spanning tree, redundancy 2626m

John Henna
Occasional Contributor

Spanning tree, redundancy 2626m


I have this network that is linked with radiolinks.

The Idea now is to get redundancy with a ring.

The link you see in the drawing with red cross over don`t exist today.
I want to implement these yo give redundancy and to share load ower the radiolinks.

What is the best way to do this?

Can you give me some configuration examples?
Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: Spanning tree, redundancy 2626m


If you need a Load Balancing in a Loop environment with Spanning-Tree and you already have Vlans, that means you need MSTP to run

Basically you have here 2 rings, the first loop has 5 Switches involved and the second one has 4 switches, one of them is Cisco.

In the Second loop (right side of the drawing) consider the Cisco 3560 and the ProCurve 2626 on other side are the MSTP Roots, so you can have 2 MSTP instances, one has some Vlans and the Cisco switch is a Root for it, and Instance 2 has the other Vlans and the ProCurve Switch 2626 is a root for it.

You can find an Example for MSTP here:

And for more information about MSTP on the ProCurve 2600 series Switches, use this:

Good Luck !!!
Science for Everyone

Re: Spanning tree, redundancy 2626m

Thank you.

I think I will start with just one ring and make it easyer on myself (see drawing).

I understand that there is no form for auto load balancing where the switch "sences" how mutch bandwith is awailable.
I have to split this up between VLANs.
(sorry, I`m new to this)

I guess the 3560 have to bee the root switch in this loop.

And the HP and Cisco switches are compatible I hope.

But how would the configuration on each switch loock?