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Stack question and LACP

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Stack question and LACP

Good morning everyone.


First of all I admit that I never configured a HP switch, I worked with Cisco so I'm not really familiar with HP's switches.


Here's the overview:


I installed 4 switches to one of our customer (HP ProCurve 2810 - 3 x 48p + 1 x 24p) FW: J9022A. They don't use VLANs.


Now the first switch has Uplink to a Dell switch (don't blame me...) - 1 cable. Then each switch is directly connect with the first switch with one cable. Nothing special has been configured (except the forced speed+duplex).


The switch with the uplink is the commander in the stack and the others are joined.


STP + flow control is DISABLED.


Now my questions:


1) When I configure a STACK in cisco's devices, I can control everything on the other switch. The most important thing is that I can access the other ports... is it possibile with these HP's switches?


2) I want to configure LACP but in this way:

sw#1 - port 24 + sw#2 - port 24 + sw#3 - port 24 + sw#4 - port 24 IN THE SAME trunk (actually I think that for HP a TRUNK is an aggregate of many ports...) that goes to the DELL switch configured with port aggregation too.


I now I can do this with cisco, I can configure port-channel on multiple ports of differents switches, but I don't know if I can do the same with HP.


My tought is / was to add each port of each device to the same TRUNK 1 + LACP and then plug them to the other switch, but i'm not sure...



Thank you very much for your time.

Fredrik Lönnman
Honored Contributor

Re: Stack question and LACP

No, you can't do any of those things with the 2810, or really any other ProCurve/E-series switch other than maybe the new 3800.

What you're looking for is a Cisco Stackwise equivalent, in HP this is called IRF and are only available on the ex-H3C switches (A-series). 

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MASE Network Infrastructure [2011]

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Re: Stack question and LACP

Thank you for your answer.