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Stack two 2848 switches

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Stack two 2848 switches


i wonder if it is possible to stack two 2848 switches, to get a redundant switch. (Pyhsical one switch.)
We have multiple trunks with 2 cables connected to one central switch.
Switch: Trunk1 A|B, Trunk2 A|B etc.
(A|B means Trunked cabel 1 and trunked cabel 2)

We want to build a stack and put one of each cables of the trunked pairs to one of the switchs. We dont want to have one trunk disabled by SPT, we need to have the full performance of both connections. This is possible in a physical stack!
SwitchA: Trunk1 A, Trunk2 A, etc.
SwitchB: Trunk1 B, Trunk2 B etc.

Is this possible? There is no Stacking-Module avaible for HP ProCurve 2848.

I see the ProCurve 2848 have this "VirtualStacking", but this seems to be only nice for managing. If i set up sitch1 as Commander and switch2 member, and connect than a trunk pair to the switches (switch1: trunk1 A, Switch2: trunk1 B) the trunked port on switch2 will go down by STP. I dont think this is Stacking. Maybe i did something wrong.

What can i do? Is there a Stacking Module avaible?!
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Re: Stack two 2848 switches

noone knows? well think im gonna start a support ticket.
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Re: Stack two 2848 switches

this is not possible with HP. HP only supports virtual stacking. you can't configure a trunk with ports on different switches!

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Re: Stack two 2848 switches

Damn. Well so we need to set up a Cisco solution. I was just getting familiar with HP hardware. Looks pretty nice for cheap money! Now i know why. :/