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Stacking ProCurve 2824 or VLAN?

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Stacking ProCurve 2824 or VLAN?

I have two procurve 2824's. Switch 1 has several devices connected to it. Switch 2 also has several devices. The device connected to Switch 1, Port 2 must be the only device to communicate with the device on Switch 2, Port 2.

The two switches are connected via Ethernet, cable in Switch 1, Port 1 goes to Switch 2, Port 1.

If I enable stacking can I use port filters to only allow Switch 1, Port 2 to talk to Switch 2, Port 2 or do I have to create multiple VLAN's?

Matt Hobbs
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Re: Stacking ProCurve 2824 or VLAN?

VLANs would be the way to go for that type of setup.

You can't really use sort port filters effectively over 2 different switches. For example. You would set port 2 to be allowed to talk to port 1 only, but that would allow you to talk to any of the other ports on the other switch.

So using VLANs, just create a second one, tag the uplinks and untag the client ports.

This should be suitable for both switches:

2824(config)# vlan 2
2824(vlan-2)# tagged 1
2824(vlan-2)# untagged 2
2824(vlan-2)# wr mem