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Starting out with PCM+/IDM

Mikkel Andreasen
Occasional Contributor

Starting out with PCM+/IDM


Please take pity on a newcomer...
I need to set up a network for a potential costumer who requires web-login which grant access to specific VLANs. It will all be build on HP ProCurve equipment.
I'm fairly familiar with routers, QoS and simple VLAN configuration, but this request has me somewhat perplexed. As far as I can read from the PDF's downloaded from http://www.hp.com/rnd/support/manuals/ProCurve-Manager.htm the combination of PCM+ and IDM is a perfect match.
However, one thing has me completely perplexed. When is the user presented with the webinterface which assigns the to their assigned VLAN?
We will be using IAS/Active Directory as "backend" for the IDM, and as far as I can gather the user needs to authenticate to the AD (regular Windows login) and then subsequently to IDM through Internet Explorer.

Please help a newbie out ...