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Strange SNMP trap from 2848s

Terry Kirk

Strange SNMP trap from 2848s

I've been getting a strange SNMP trap from my two 2848s since upgrading to the latest firmware release (8.87).
It's an Enterprise Specific trap, severity is minor and the description is just four numbers
e.g. '207 209 0 209'
Any ideas on what these mean?

Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: Strange SNMP trap from 2848s

I'm assuming this is withim PCM+. If it is PCM it's obvious that it is an unknown trap to PCM. You can ask PCM to ignore unknown traps in Tools, Preferences, Events. If using PCM 2.1, I'd recommend installing Update 3 to see if that helps.

To identify what trap it is, try telnetting to the switch and checking the event log there, you should be able to correlate that trap with a particular event.