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Subnetting a class B network

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Subnetting a class B network

Hello to all!

In my enterprise i have a without vlan (argh!).

I have too much broadcast traffic and i want to subnetting the network for reduce the broadcast traffic. I need some idea to make it, and make with minimum networks shutdown.

Thanks to all!
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Re: Subnetting a class B network


You would have to draw the network logically and geographically, and start segmenting it. There is no info here whether you use DHCP, if this is management traffic etc. But generally you would start with one segment, change IPs all over and have a default gw for that segment. I'd say that you should have one L3 device for each segment, and then interconnect them via another L3 device. It is much simpler to troubleshoot.

Good luck :o)