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Suitable switch

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Suitable switch



I'm working in a company with a 50+ network points in one net. For this, we have:


- 2 x Hp Procurve 1800-24g switch

- 1 x Hp Procurve 1700-24g switch

- 1 x Hp Procurve 2180-24g switch


My idea is to change this "big" net and create some subnets in differents vlans, in order to reduce the broadcast domains and a better control with ACL's. Of course, I'll need inter vlan routing


The question I've in mind is: what hp switch model is more suitable for me? I've seen HP 1910 series that seems to be sufficient but I don't want to risk in buying it and then discover that is not enought.


My plan is get a switch with:


- Vlan support

- Inter vlan routing - so a layer 3 switch

- ACL support

- Port trunking - or link aggregation - or etherchannels.... The tecnology to group various physical ports of the switch into one logical port with more bandwidth.


And then, use this switch as a "parent" switch connected to my existent hp procurves via port trunks (to avoid bottleneck). The access switches will be configured with the vlans so the traffic between switches should be vlan-tagged and the new switch will become a "router" for the vlans and establish some ACL controls.


What switch will be more suitable to accomplish this??


Thank you very much

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Re: Suitable switch